Medical Staff Secretary

DCH Health System
Job Description
The Medical Staff Secretary is responsible for day-to-day coordination of the Medical Staff Office including scheduling, data entry, document management, customer service and office support. 
  1. Generate and publish the emergency call schedules monthly and update as needed.
  2. Generate affiliation verifications.
  3. Provide pre-applications and applications to new applicants.
  4. Process pre-applications
  5. Perform data entry: initial applications and updates into various software systems
  6. Build the practitioner credentials files for processing by the Coordinator.
  7. Perform scanning and filing duties.
  8. Take and prepare meeting minutes as needed.
  9. Develop PowerPoint presentation for monthly and quarterly meetings.
  10. Attend monthly and quarterly evening meetings.
  11. Coordinate scheduling for Medical Staff meetings. (Reserving rooms, submitting catering request, etc.)
  12. Coordinate office correspondence.
  1. Responsible for maintaining current expirables (license, ACSC, DEA and insurance certificates) in provider credentialing files.
  2. Prepare packets for various meetings
  3. Maintain database, assign and distribute physician parking hangtags.
  4. Generate monthly reports to the Hospital Board
  5. Generate quarterly reports to the Medical Staff
  6. Provide and process observation applications..
  7. Follow up on delinquencies.
  8. Provide office support for Coordinator and Director.
  9. Generate, publish and maintain slides for MD TV.
  10. Mail out monthly birthday cards.
  11. Send out information to Medical Staff as needed
  12. Coordinate incoming and outgoing office mail
  13. Manage flu vaccine documentation for the medical staff.
  14. Prepare monthly patient satisfaction letters.
  15. Order office supplies as needed.
  16. Maintain information in Rolodex
  17. Off-board credentialed staff as needed
    DCH Standards:
  18. Maintains performance, patient and employee satisfaction and financial standards as outlined in the performance evaluation.
  19. Performs compliance requirements as outlined in the Employee Handbook
  20. Must adhere to the DCH Behavioral Standards including creating positive relationships with patients/families, coworkers, colleagues.
  21. Requires use of electronic mail, time and attendance software, learning management software and intranet.
  22. Must adhere to all DCH Health System policies and procedures.
  23. All other duties as assigned.
A.   General Education
  • High School Diploma or equivalent
  • Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
  • Typing ability of 45 wpm
  • Computer knowledge and skills required
 B.   Aptitudes
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Maintain confidential material
  • Medical terminology knowledge helpful
  • Must be able to read, write legibly, speak, and comprehend English
  • Accuracy and neatness in work habits
  1. Machines, Tools and Equipment Required to Operate
  2. Telephone System
  3. Automated Answering System
  4. < >Personal computer and printer
  5. Transcription Equipment
  6. FAX machine
  1. Interpersonal Relationships
  2. Contact with others via telephone, email, face to face
  3. May periodically encounter unpleasant individuals
  4. Individual and team work
  5. Writes and sends letters and memos via mail and electronic mail 
  6. Physical Work Conditions
  7. Light work-lifting up to 20 pounds with frequent carrying of up to 10 pounds.
  8. Significant sitting and walking
  9. Involves stair climbing, stooping and crouching, reaching and keyboarding
  10. Vision and hearing normal to correctable to normal
  11. More than 95% of work day is spent indoors in climate controlled environment
  12. Able to perform the duties with or without reasonable accommodation
  13. Hearing and vision must be normal or corrected to within normal range.
  14. Physical presence on site is essential 
  15. Structural Job Characteristics
  16. Works 40 hours per week
  17. Self-motivated and independent work
  18. Daily work with departmental software
  19. Environment structured with requirement to follow processes exactly
  20. Large degree of variability in daily work
  21. Monthly deadlines must be met
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