Assistant Project Manager

Assistant Project Manager

EC · Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Job Description

Job Title:                    Assistant Project Manager

Job Summary:

Assistant Project Managers with Premier Service Company will be responsible for ensuring a timely and cost-effective completion of assigned projects, by overseeing all phases of the project. This will entail working with a variety of stakeholders to schedule and plan work, coordinate equipment and materials, operate within set budgets and monitoring overall progress. Working hours for this position is 7:00 am to 5:00 pm and may require some weekend work. This position will also be furnished a company I-Pad, and a phone, reviewing drawings and specifications, making calls, etc.

Assistant Project Managers will have strong verbal and written communications and must have the ability to make quick, sound decisions. The Assistant Project Manager must be highly motivated, as well as flexible, with the ability to build trust and demonstrate empathy.


Essential Duties and Responsibilities include the following. Other assignments, projects, and duties may be required:


  1. Review all project documents and become familiar with all scope items that relates to the project.
  2. Managing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) on all assigned jobs at all times. It is a measure to make sure all employees go home safe. This is the most important aspect of our daily work and must be enforced.
  3. Manage time and attendance through time keeping system for assigned team, to include, ensuring the team is clocking in each day and on time, approving time-off requests, and approving timecards to the end of each pay period.
  4. Manage subcontractors performing work on assigned projects, to include, start times for scheduled work and quality of work performed.
  5. Become familiar with the project through drawings, specifications, addenda, and any supplemental drawing or instructions.
  6. Attend turn over meetings with the estimator and your foreman at the start of each project.
  7. Acquire extra drawings from the owner or architect or have copies printed off, if needed, for assigned projects.
  8. Prepare martial orders according to the six categories by reviewing the summary of materials for the project with the estimator. This position will be responsible for ordering materials that would be needed for self-performed work we will carry out. Materials should be ordered through the warehouse, using the supplied material ordering software, 24 hours in advance to ensure the warehouse has adequate time to pull and deliver the order.
  9. Prepare correspondence on a regular basis between the PSC PM and yourself. Emails concerning projects must be saved in job files.
  10. Attend weekly safety meetings preferably on one of your projects with your foreman, or at the office. These must be documented and turned in to the office. Will be retained in the project folder.
  11. Coordinate with your foreman on a daily basis regarding their material needs. All materials in most cases should be routed through the warehouse.
  12. Manage manpower in your projects. PM is responsible for the hours on each assigned project. The PM should always make sure we are keeping up with general contractor’s project schedule and staying within our project man-hours budgeted for each project.
  13. Attend all project meetings and provide written reports that will reflect what was discussed in these meetings and what our progress in on the project. These reports are to be sent to the PSC PM.
  14. Responsible for pushing the submittal process. Make sure materials are getting ordered- follow up on a regular basis to make sure nothing is behind or not getting ordered. Hot items lists are important and should be ordered first.
  15. Track progress (both labor and materials) on a monthly basis so that you can estimate your manpower needs and be able to communicate to billing department the percentage of completion for your projects. Billing will be prepared on the percentages given. This will include taking pictures and documenting anything that has become a job constraint or safety issue and must be done at a minimum of twice a week.
  16. Set up inspections throughout the building phases for your projects. Subcontractors are responsible for their scope of work.
  17. Conduct temporary power inspections weekly and document using a card that is dated and initialed. Replace damaged or malfunctioning receptacles immediately OR list them as “out of order” until they can be repaired. Weekly safety meetings- must be conducted on the same day and time each week to ensure all employees know when and where these meetings will be held. Copy of the documented safety meeting must be sent to your supervisor once completed.
  18. Ensure job sites are maintained at all times. Should be cleaned and organized at the end of each day- to include inventorying tools, locking ladders, etc.

Physical Requirements:

  • Some work will be performed in an environment that is not climate controlled.
  • Noise level in the work environment can be loud for short periods of time.
  • Ability to lift and/or carry 50 pounds and at times lifting and/or carrying 75 to 100 pounds.